OH NO💋 Asteroid 2012 TC4 ⛑

Are we doomed to be ants 🐜 in the scheme of things? Should the calculations be off by a tiny smidge could we be dust before morning? On the bigger scheme…should I renew my blog? If so it will not be with WordPress… They are crazy expensive for a hot air blogger like myself. Yes. […]

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EBAY BUYING a cautionary tale

I purchased 2 Fingerlings from the same seller on EBay Sunday night. I noticed many seller are located in China thought I would save myself extended shipping time by ordering from a seller in the USA or Canada. Picture of purchased: I’m not going to reveal the seller ID. Because that isn’t my issue. Even […]

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Bless the families of the victims. Lone wolf? No I agree with many others, white privilege does not sugar coat it. This was an act of terrorism. Say it like it is. GUNS KILL PEOPLE. If we cannot control the people who buy the guns certainly we can control the guns sold to people? PEOPLE […]