Mary was my 14 year old sister. She died suddenly on February 25, 1972 of myocarditis. She had a cough a few days before but that point she was doomed. In 1972 there wasn’t anything as a heart transplant. Would that have saved her? I don’t think so. I truly wish she had never gotten sick. My parents went into grieving mode. They became a couple because the had to preserve their couple. The forgot me, their 12 year old daughter/ sister who shared a room with Mary.years over i have found faith in various Β houses to understand what happened. I began praying to no one in particular but then became affiliated with several Christian churches. I found the bible and I found my sister.

I can across vintage 8 mm tapes taken by my moms parents in the 1960’s. I remember them making the movies! I was very young. On the movie reels I hope to find memories of Mary when she was alive.

Seeking Mary Margaret Gagnon 1958-1974 of Methuen, MA


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