This is a five headed daisy. To me it explains everything in life? The world as we see it is a mirrored projection unless we stop AND truly smell the flowers. Without taking the time to view each flower for its beauty each blurs into one. 

 I was gifted a second child, a daughter but as she grew I realized she was mentally ill. I protected her inner demons, secrets. I cried many occasions in the emergency room after being recommended she be admitted to pedi psych unit to medicate then stabilize her meds. In her mind she truly believes the falsities her fantasies give her. The term is called psychological projecting. She tells her version of life with such enthusiasm and zest had I not lived her truth I would never believe it either? 

The flower in the photo is different. Like the child I once held tightly if not for the memories within my heart she would never be except for those memories.

I thank my parents for raising and teaching me spiritually for without, I truly would be heartbroken.  Earlier this year I lost my Dad.  Through dementia I lose a little more of Mom each day. Each day is truly a gift when life is viewed from behind?

Today on Easter I give thanks for the love we will share with our chosen family of faith and not those of birth. Love is as we trust God has gifted us in faith and with the light we have found through each day.


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