Books, magazines and blogs regarding socialology, psychology (as above) I’ve always found empowering. As a lifelong magnet for the shallow and bullying types who found power in abuse and control I was choosing to live disconnected from myself. Why did it take this long to realize the longest running abusive relationship has been the narcissist I gave birth to 35 years ago who continually portrays herself as the ever-abused little girl? An abusive spouse can be divorced but what about a destructive relationship with an adult child? 

I had an epiphany recently when I counted the credits earned simply by taking a few classes here and there both online and at a local community college. Finding strength after years of continuing illness has been a spiritual awakening. If it hasn’t killed me it can only make me stronger? 

Childless by choice? There will never be another word written. Period. Except to eliminate any attempt to pass go, collect $200 or pull the plug to end my life. Go purchase your own Boardwalk. Years of mourning and I realized this was always my choice? 


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