Pictures can tell the story of the wild weather we have had in New England! In February we had a blast of heat! Upwards of 90 degrees with the windows wide open for 2 days followed by a downward spiral right into snow! It remained unreasonably COLD throughout March April and May. 

This is my favorite picture of all Ive taken today! Just a few Columbine flowers have grown so far. There will be many more soon! The dual shades of purple and violet sitting mext to the orange solar light are a pretty mixture?

Followed by an incredible Yard Crasher of our very own…Whitey. He is an very photogenic 7 years old outdoor- only kitty who arrived as a very scared, feral kitten. He is now a photogenic young man with his own posse of followers from our secluded neighborhood.

Whitey is a curios and quite lovable 7 year old Tom Cat.

Inside the greenhouse is filled with lettuce, basil, cilantro, tomatoes, and even a mini pineapple plant!

Returning to our front yard you will find another attempt at grass growing…..last year due to using old seed, extreme heat and a drought the resulting grass grown reminded me of spiked barb wire. It was scary stuff! This year I’ve begun laying current grass seed, no more budget friendly seed in this house. Wink-wink. 

Last but not least I can’t forget to mention the gosh darn woodchuck and his never full belly. What was an almost perfect White Marigold, the same flowers written as safe to grow because a woodchuck’s palate is not fond. Wrong! The second photo shows a row perfectly nibbled right down leaving a neat row. The first photo I have planted the same flowers (all grown in my greenhouse) thriving simply because the gosh darn woodchuck can’t wiggle his chubby little body up and over into a 24″ planter. 

Finally I will leave you with my FAVORITE PLANT! My granddaughter and I each selected a plant the first year of our garden. She selected a Butterfly Bush. It blooms with sweet fragranced tiny lilac colored flowers which are so perfect in eatery way! The scent isn’t over-powering, it’s just perfect to call out to the humming birds as the travel from bird feeder to feeder. I’w awaiting the day when I can grab my first of the season hummingbird as each awaits a turn at the sugar water I leave for the tiny bird flock! 

A few more radar shots from my photo shoot in my front yard! Much of what is growling I don’t know exactly what they are. I was giving a huge bin of random plants several years ago. It was a hot season. Having a chronic illness as I do, (hyperthyroid, iron over load and fibromyalgia) working in the yard is hard work. I placed all the plants including builds together. Over the last 2 years I have been diligently dividing the plants up and placing separately. Here are a few pictures.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my photos of my flowers! I can’t wait to share more!!🐌❤️


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