Living with a chronic disease which controls my life’s activities. I always look for delight at end of the treatment tunnel. This group of Iris Flowers was given to me when a friend who bought a home but did not want the flower garden which accompanied her yard. Her garden dug up and delivered to my yard sat for one year in a bin placed in my back yard. 

I had under gone treatment for Hereditary Hemochromatosis. My body literally gave up after under going 2 years of biweekly phlebotomies at Dana Farber Cancer Center. This is the treatment but not a cure for a disease I was given by the genetic lottery. Removing blood removes the excess iron steals oxygen red blood cells. Also known as Iron Overload, the iron if left untreated excess iron is stored within soft tissue, (heart, brain and the synovial sacks surround  and cushioning each joint of the body). Iron left unchecked is dangerous because the disease resets the body into believing it needs more iron. A normal body will only keep and use iron as needed. Individuals with Hemochromatosis have a never ending battle to remove the excess iron before it becomes a life threatening issue, strokes, heart attacks and blood clotting crisis occurs. 

Once my treatment ended my red blood cells were now screaming for oxygen….. what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Survival became my only goal during the 2 long years of treatment.The flowers in the bins in my back yard had their own battle from neglect. Once transplanted into my bright sunny front yard 2 years ago they put down roots and began anew. Surviving a medical battle as I did Is rewarding once healed albeit for the moment, Hemochromatosis is a life long battle of phlebotomy to remove the excess iron before it claims my life

One sunny afternoon I put my strength in the almost dead bin of flowers. I dragged the bin into my sunny front yard planting the flowers into their own sunny patch of dirt. This year, 2 years later, their roots thriving, just as I am in life treatment is under control. Phlebotomist are infrequent, 2–4 times per yer, amazing yellow Irises grew spectacularly out of the dirt. Live is a battle. There is always a reward but sometimes you have to look beyond the usual to find enjoyment. 

I hope you enjoy my photos taken with a Sony Alpha  DSLR a550 with a 50mm prime lens! I enjoy photography, especially macro flowers and bugs.  😎🦄🌈🌸🌼🌷🔬❤️


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