I know what poison ivy and oak look like: 3 shiny leaves on each. Every year in the 13 years I have owned my house I’ve gotten a rash similar to poison ivy on my arms or legs.  Since I have a chronic disease (Hereditary Hemochromatosis) I have a compromised immune and respiratory systems.  I try to be kind to myself because I can’t rewind……Wouldn’t you know a few days ago my face began breaking out……one long holiday with 5 intensely painful and itchy days of waiting to see my pc. Today I went to the doctors. My face was so puffy and swollen. The doctor took one look asked the necessary questions.

Doc- Have you been exposed to poisonous plants? Maybe a cat or dog you may have petted? It looks like poison ivy.

Me- I haven’t been to the back side of my property. That is where poison ivy and oak grow. But wait there is an outdoor kitty…..

…….of coarse I’m going to place full blame on the white one. 

Doc- What about poison Sumac?

Me-  Wait, you mean there are more poisonous plants to worry about? Leaves with a script for mountain moving strength steroids in hand.

So, I’ll look so I can say nope I don’t know what this rash is. Damn! Ive been pulling poison Sumac without realizing it was worse than the other two. Didn’t even realize it grew here. 

I think it is time to rent a goat 🐐 or two? 🐐 🐐 maybe an even half dozen? 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 

One google search later Ive discovered the culprit. 


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