EBAY BUYING a cautionary tale

I purchased 2 Fingerlings from the same seller on EBay Sunday night. I noticed many seller are located in China thought I would save myself extended shipping time by ordering from a seller in the USA or Canada.

Picture of purchased:

I’m not going to reveal the seller ID. Because that isn’t my issue. Even though it states the seller is from Colorado. This is just a cover as in correspondence with the seller he admitted the items were being shipped from China. They are NOT real Fingerlings made by WowWee. The seller later conceded that it was an accident that the item was labeled as a “Fingerlings” accidentally. In any event after a dozen messages I have a refund pending in my PayPal account even before the items were received. I did leave feedback for 1 of the items forewarning other buyers that the seller acknowledged the items were imitation threatened to leave the second feedback for the second one.

On a happy note I purchased a single Fingerling on Amazon on Friday. It was received in the mail on Monday. How great is that? Here is a photo.

The Holiday season is almost upon us. I’m an early shopper! Between my 2 grandchildren and the family with 6 children I adopted through social services (more about this family in another post!) I have tons of gifts to purchase! Rather than have a big splurge I’m trying to spread the cost out.


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