A letter for my adult daughter.

Why did you tell your daughter I hate her because she is pansexual?  You could have told her I was a terrible mother to you. You could have said you and I have differences. Instead you destroyed your own daughter’s self-esteem because you needed to hurt me. What kind of a parent chooses to use their child in a lie for a singular purpose? You wanted to hurt me by removing any chance of she and I having a relationship.

What you have done is a hate crime.

My granddaughter Vera, your 17-year-old adult daughter, believes your lie. You used your own daughter’s sexuality and destroyed it by falsely stating I rejected her because of her sexual orientation. Why? Because your daughter is the only weapon you have to hurt me. It worked. It will not define me. Yet your words have destroyed your daughter. What do you think the future holds? In time your lie will give way once the truth and motivation become apparent.

Through your lies your own daughter will never understand how to trust and love another person on this earth because you, her mother you taught her how to hate.

You have committed a hate crime by motivating prejudice based on your daughters sexual orientation.

To Vera, I hope that you find this someday and you understand I never said those words which judged your sexual being.  I love you as you are. Who you love is not mine to judge. If you love a woman I will still love you and I will love her too.

I have tried to contact you throughout the years and you have rebuffed me. I will not contact you again. In my heart I will always hope someday we will meet again.  You are my first born granddaughter. It was my arms the nurse placed you. She understood a grandmother’s love is like no other. My love for you has only grown. I love you, Meema


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