I am truly lucky to live in a city of 63,000 (Census) which has a caught on with urban renewal by converting old mill building into housing. Down town once was shuttered promptly at 5 pm daily. My once proudly co-owned used book store might have remained open with late night patrons. Current trend of late night downtown housing along with business wanting patrons to visit, spending earned paychecks at home. Back in its 1990 days the bookstore did not stand a chance in this once urban blight of a city. A roadway project on Merrimack Street along with a truly unorganized parking deck. Each lost direction under the leadership of a an old established mayor strewn upon newly (and well functioning current mayor) elected government. The old did not help what was a true center for commerce in the late 1990’s in Haverhill, MA. Current trends have united flailing downtown a satellite state college campus, new stock and converted mill housing, highlighted a beautiful, although once deplorably polluted Merrimack river emptying miles to the Atlantic Ocean. Our city learned through others it was time to bring itself front and center. A newly built and community centered boardwalk, public parking and a seasonal thriving farmers market has changed what once emptied-after-5PM cityscape. Welcome back Haverhill!

My neighborhood, I’ve resided here for 15 years, has everything of a small town within a 5 minute drive…Soon from a state aided roadway project…we will have the ability to walk to our solo neighborhood restaurant and the Target store. Granted it is a hilly section of Haver- “hill”. Downhill walk to arrive at Target with an uphill walk home. However currently without any sidewalks our accessibility does not exist.With sidewalks it will become all the rage to walk to and from our once secluded small neighborhood! The feel of small town America will be lost to a very accessible, walkable neighborhood. It is long

Today’s events….. the home next door was sold. The new owners took possession today. It’s a change in the dynamic of a truly secluded neighborhood without a line down the middle of the road or a posted speed limit….with the exception of one neighbor asking another to please drive a little slower because grandchildren are visiting. We live in a prehistoric development, literally. Homes built for the daughters of the farming Dodge family of Haverhill, Massachusetts. Each daughter granted a small lot adjacent to each other and that if the family farm. What was most important was the ability for each sister to remain attached to another through the gift of a small pre WW2 home built upon the land. After the Korean and Vietnam conflicts veterans returned home to invited low-rate financing along with modern !950 styled ranch style homes built for growing families.. Yet the Dodge family has all but disappeared from the city? What happened yo them….

Today a new family joined us on our little section on the “hill”.

Today an old family left us. Their 1920’s cape sold to a new generation living on the “hill”. The reasons why the old retreated/sold were not because of life on a “hill’. That story of will be written some day, soon under the guise of donot drink and drive or maybe when mental health invades a neighborhood, what not to do. Maybe membership has privilege in our hood? The emotions still raw….. Every neighborhood has it’s own membership dues through being and living in the moment by existing of living, thriving on our section of a mighty big “hill”? We go up and down by motor but the change placing of suburban cement walks is new. To walk anywhere, especially the neighborhood store is equal to taking your life into your own hands when traffic traveling over the posted 40 MPH speed limit. Welcome new ones to the world of Dodge street, Haverhill, MA!

If only my grand children Vera and Wes Reagan (also of Haverhill, MA) could find me because each is lost in this city of parental inability……. neglect and abuse, not through my ability to love for each who has become. ❀️🎈🌈

A link if you are familiar and wondering what our little slice of Haverhill, Massachusetts utopia will become true. The trees already exist! Yet renderings add additional foliage to our already perfect spot of suburban heaven. πŸΏπŸπŸ¦‰πŸ₯πŸ¦‹πŸŒπŸŒ³πŸŒΈ

ROUTE 97 RECONSTRUCTION PROJECT (giggle-giggle too close to being true!)


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