(Spoilers ahead). Found these shots elsewhere on he web…I an absolutely hooked on the Handmaids Tale on Hulu. Season 5 is coming… Rumor has it dropping in December or we might have to wait until spring,,, That’s an entire year from now. NO I don’t want to wait!!! So let’s discuss the photos? I’m only guessing here so please add your thoughts?

1. Is the girl just behind the camera Hannah? The attire would be following the story line. Commanders daughters wear purple (plumb?) seasonally. Hannah is he daughter of a high ranking commander.
2. Fred is dead. Last season he was killed in a salvaging in “no man’s land”. then his body was hung up on display by June. Is this his funeral? My guess is his body was returned to Gilead. But what happened to Serena Joy and his unborn son? Are they back in Gilead also? What will happen to Serena now that she has proven she is indeed fertile? Will she be a handmaid or will she be forced to marry again. If so, who will the other Gilead commanders choose for her new husband? HMM What about Joseph? He too is single and ready to mingle! I think he and Serena Joy would make an excellent couple. Just think about all he devious tricks they could do upon each other and to the entire structure of the reigning government in Gilead? Think about it!!! YES??? NO???

More photos soon. I’ve got some more stashed ready to go….. With the Waterford’s as a couple now gone what will happen with their son? With his imminent birth will he be given to a barren couple in Gilead? Perhaps Serena will be forced to become a Handmaid. (