Who doesn’t love the story line of Nick and June as star crossed lovers? I read an article where it was discussed Nick dying while trying to save Hannah from Gilead. Is the tragic circle of June and Nick going to end or will they reunite once again? So many question…. And this Hulu show is happening in real life both within the USA and in other countries currently. Gilead is a fictional place, yet it along with the story of Handmaids, Commanders, etc is not very far from reality, is it?.

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Is the love between Nick and June true or is the relationship doomed because June is in love with Luke? Luke has taken Nick and June’s daughter Holly/Nichole into his home, life but most important his heart. He truly love Holly. June has survivors guilt. Can she actually survive and return to the time period of Luke and her along with their daughter; Hannah, living back in Boston (While living in Canada)?

June is tormented by so many factors. Her #1 priority has always been getting her first born daughter, Hannah, out of Gilead. Her first word to Luke upon seeing him on the boat (Season 4, Eoisode 4) was “It’s just me”. Luke has already accepted June as she is, damaged by her time in Gilead, and alone without Hannah. He wants his daughter returned, yet he is in control of what he can do and cannot do have her returned.

June is a hot mess, rightfully so! We see this throughout season 4. What will happen in Season 5? It is the last season before the sequel to Handmaids Tale, Testaments. I will not give spoiler from the sequel book. If you haven’t read it, do so. Try the audio version? The actual character of Aunt Lydia, Ann Dowd, narrates her own story. It is absolutely perfect! Actually Ann Dowd, the actress, is absolutely perfect in the roles she has played. If you haven’t yet watched the “Leftovers”, do so NOW!

Whoops! Sidetracked by the many story lines meeting and colliding in past seasons of THT and having a future vision of what will happen to Nick Blain in season 5. What if he is killed while attempting to save Hannah? Will Hannah return safely to the arms of her parents? Having nick killed off would allow the June, Luke, Hannah and Baby Holly/Nichole to become the family they were in Boston before Gilead. However, Is that even possible? Both Hannah and June are emotionally damaged from their lives in Gilead. Can either just shake the Gilead cobwebs off of them to start their new life’s in Canada together?

Is that our HAPPILY EVER AFTER? What if June truly does LOVE NICK? Is it a love made on tragedy, with Luke completing the full circle? Is the full circle fully complete if June and Luke go on to like their best, happy lives? Can June become a survivor of Gilead in Canada as the other former handmaids in the group? I mean, seriously, the way they attacked, killing Fred in their own Salvaging at the end of season 4. Will the former handmaids truly emotionally freed to return to being themselves pre-Gilead?