Side not since I started taking prednisone I feel like I have a super power. Great stuff albeit temporary. I’ve taken daily walks, today I transplanted berry plants into the nursery. They will be sold from there. I was about to work the blueberry soil but it’s raining out. This auto immune crap is an awful, life stealing, energy zapping 💩? I spent 2 wonderful, energy-filled years on prednisone. Why does it have to end! I like feeling normal. 😊 what so wrong with that?

What’s funny is to finally put a name to the disease???? For 30 years there wasn’t an official name. Well it might be this. It might be that. Seronegative inflammatory arthritis is s catch all name, I hated it. Why? My illness needed an official diagnosis. Darn it! Sadly bloodwork isn’t always specific. Yet now with a new rheumatologist who ran the right test on the right day.,,,, whatever, I finally can say I have lupus. Is it my excuse for feeling like crap for the last 20 or more years? Bet-cha ass !

I remember buying a book about lupus in 1999z I knew that was the exact description of all I felt. I left post it’s and wrote all over the margins. Every symptom was my symptom! Eventually I tossed the book because the blood work was negative. That is what is odd about autoimmune diseases; the tests aren’t perfect. All that was certain was one blood test which was always sky high. The inflammation marker. It always showed my body was battling something.

Yet lupus is added to the list of crap I also have… hemochromatosis /iron overload left me with a brain full of iron. It has to be monitored. Do I ever want to return to that state of being? No.

Will life be any different with a disease with a title? We will see. Will I use my inhaler faithfully to maintain my lungs? I hope so.

Will I continue to take walks around the block? I hope so.

Prednisone is my drug of choice……. 🥰🎈