First I have to say I got a B+ in chemistry in college. I had to take one science class in four years for my major. I don’t know how I got a B+. However I was determined to stay at the top of the wrong to keep my deans list scholarship going. Soap with that I give you the molecular science of OHHHHHH (also known as prednisone).

All I see are OHHHHH’s and H is short for Happy Hippy no longer taking prednisone. 🙃Just waiting for the crash and burn of the inflammation Gods. Damn Lupus!

This is what I think about resuming prednisone; I’m 62. I have only so many good days left before I grow in a crazy demented old woman like my mother. She is still flailing I’ve heard. (Wonder if she is still telling the story of Obama dong a flyby her house just to say Hello? Seriously I heard the same story over and over again one night as we were playing cards. She still played a mean game of 45’s but the story grew old after the 6th retelling. Right?

Why should I waste them by suffering in pain. reason #1. The weight gain #2 Shaving more than my husband does #3 ummmm I don’t think I have a third.