Today a deadly attack on a train station in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk killed 52 people trying to escape the killing. What is next? The photos of the carnage don’t scare me but the blood, still rd and flowing from a man alive only moments before does sicken me.

Enough is enough! Next Russia will be after all the children in every country who dares help Ukraine. I’m just one person but it’s time to help with humanitarian, arsenal weapons, and send in the groups to help the humans in Ukraine. They are families with children who have targets on their backs. Women an children are being raped. Random citizens are bound then shot. That is just 2 of the atrocious actions done by the Russians. Do we not think we are next?

17.3% of Ukrainian citizens are Russian.

WE NEED TO SAVE THE CHILDREN AND ADULTS IN UKRAINE. RIGHT? What is the right answer? If any of the countries in NATO help Russia will use it as a reason to unleash nuclear weapons. Then every other country unleashes their arsenal. If anyone is left alive WW3 begins. Scary shit will happen before Ukraine is free again.

I salute the President of Ukraine for standing up for what is right and standing up for the citizens who elected him. We can’t forget all the citizens who are choosing to fight for their country and those who hav been killed in action. Most of all I wish to save every baby and child. They don’t yet understand why their county is at war. Sadly they are forever damaged by what they have experienced. How can anyone explain why?

President of 🇺🇦 was once a comedian/actor. The show he starred in is on Netflix. He is worn down from the shining actor and newly elected President portrait from 2019.

Tired and still fighting.