It seems our home value has gone up significantly. So we decided it’s time to look into evaluating our house. The housing market where we live is sky high. We’re hoping to catch in on the trend.

Tomorrow we have an appraiser coming to visit to see what our house is worth.That’s scary for me because they take pictures. Those pictures will give your house a good value or a bad value based on how you present it. I’ve cleaned from top to bottom.

My husband finally painted the bedroom. It’s an awesome blue shade that is like the Caribbean ocean. Because we have old horsehair plaster I splurged on the best paint at Sherwin Wiliams. Have you ever spent $100 for a gallon of paint? It was so worth it!! I want to spend more time in my bed. it seems to matter how hard I try to sleep late I am turning into a very old lady because i am awake daily at 3:30 AM. My bedtime is seven. I don’t even get to see or enjoy the paint in the daylight! Oh well.

Well we’ll see how tomorrow goes. Can’t wait!! Perhaps we could disappear into the Caribbean live on a little tiny island and enjoy the true color of the ocean. Dreaming.