“Daydreamer” by Tula Pink Free Spirit Fabric

The newest fabric from Tula Pink called “DayDreamer” lives up to Tula’s bright collections of fabric. (This is NOT a sponsored post!) Usually at the time of ordering I know exactly what I’ll create but this one has me stumped. Perhaps I’d rather sit and look at the bundle of fat quarters? Maybe I must order a collection of solid colors to coordinate? Yes, that’s it! I must purchase more fabric before I can get started?

Just started my second round of Prednisone hoping to tame the inflammation in my hands caused by Lupus. Considering all the mask mandates have been dropped, the pandemic has not ended. I will be home for the foreseeable future having an immune system wide open. My body just isn’t compatible with functioning outside in the world. The covid virus may have mutated to a lesser variant. Despite being vaccinated and boosted the pandemic will never be over for anyone with an autoimmune condition.

6801 new cases with 5 deaths reported in Massachusetts yesterday (April 19, 2022). Many are choosing not to test or report or simply do not even realize they have the virus. Still please keep your guard up!