My car dealer wants me to return my lease early….I’ve extended the lease an unheard of 4 times! What was a 3 year lease turned into a 5 year lease. Subaru has been amazingly helpful by extending my lease 4 times! (6 moths each time) It officially ends in August, so I either purchase the car or return it.

That said, the Subaru dealer knows my car is money maker for them. Why? The prices of all cars, used and new have increased dramatically. My car is a 2018 with 23,000 miles on it. The lease term was for 12,000 miles per year. I stopped working with Shipt, both movie companies and all my gig work. No driving, no added miles! All the mileage is from before the world stopped. My Subaru dealer wants this car back! They can make lots of money by getting me into a new lease and by reselling my current car. I have a contract which provides a pre-pandemic buy out price. Now the car is worth approximately 6-8K more!! Wow.

Chuck and I have done well with only 1 car between us. His cute little bug sits inside the garage unused. The decision has been made to sell it. We will officially be a one car couple! We also decided he will continue his PT gig at WF and I will not be working at all. It’s official; I am retired!

The car dealer sent a text asking if I was ready to come in and talk about my next lease. I explained I will be buying it, not leasing a new car. I attempted to explain the reason for my decision. “The pandemic might be over but have a chronic condition which makes me unable to work. We will be buying the lease out.” He replied; …..something to the line of “when you are well again……” I was going to try to explain how a chronic invisible illness works but decided to accept his well wished and pretend I’ll be better. I wish it was so?