SO FIRST OFF.. my name rhymes. Brend-AH Joy-AH. YES it is my real name. WHY? Because we are about to get serious here. The 6 degrees of me is all true. It is very real. Yes, it is quite emotionally devastating to me. At times i have been overwhelmed. Wait, i will explain/

DEGREE 1. I was born in 1960.

DEGREE 2. I am from a family of 6 children. Mary, Andy Jr, me, Peter, Judy and Paula.

DEGREE 3. I have been in love with 6 men. It is true, there is always the one who got away. I’m not naming names because i am happily married and have been for almost 26 years. The 1WGA definitely knows he is the one…..

DEGREE 4. I have 3 children. Yes I know that is not 6 but understand one of said children was equal to 4. Turner age 43 (not his real name) Brianne age 40 (100% her real name bur she also uses Bri) and Michael age 35 (OK he sometimes uses Mike….😬) Count them again? 1+4+1=6 You can obviously tell from the numerology which one is equal to 4? They are adults, but yes they are always my kids. Except Mike. His wife forbid him from contact with me. Why? Just wait, there will be a few degrees of 6 on that topic.

Degree 5. I have spent a decent amount of time in therapy. I’m 62 years old. If I began seeing a therapist at age 2, this translates to 1 therapist every 10 years. That is unheard of? Just like he one who got away I also have a therapist who got away. Unfortunately it was because I changed insurance. So she does not know she is the 1WGA.

Degree 6. It is because of therapist #6 I have found my voice behind the keyboard. they encouraged me to write without bitterness. It began with a list of the six degrees of what I hoped to accomplish by writing an open letter to the world especially the ones previously mentioned.

Here goes…… Please follow so you can read the next installment? i hope to keep on adding 6 new degrees.

ME! LAST AUGUST just before my 6th Breast Surgery, a partial mastectomy, again. I will win the Cancer War! The drugs were really good that day?