II have been planning to buy a quilting sewing machine. Done all the research…thought I had made a decision. Now the list has grown!! What I really desire is the $5000 machine close to the end of the list. My wallet is screaming NO, NO, NO! My heart is confused with too many choices. My head will burst wil all the information. I do believe this might come down to a Baby Lock or a Juki Quilting machine. I can zig and zag on the other machines. (Yes, I have a few other machines. After all I am a sewist.🤦‍♀️😬)

1. Pfaff Quilt Expression 720. It checked off the *must have* boxes. (Knee lift lever, auto thread cutting button & not an embroidery machine) EXCEPT it is out of stock, without a date if/when it will become available. 😖

Pfaff Quilt Expression 720

2. Janome Memory Craft 6650 Also has the *must have* items. It also costs $1000 less. Bonus!! I can purchase the extension table, knee lift lever and every single extra foot and still be under budget! However…. There are a few negatives to mention; 1. It’s not a Pfaff. 2. It’s a Janome. 3. Reviews are mixed but more positive than negative. On the flip said; it is available at every sewing machine center.

Janome Memory Craft 6650

Next up is Elita by Elna EF72. A friend has this machine and loves it. Research has it covering all the *must haves* . Plus a few more options I could really learn to love. The biggest feature is the obvious; If I need help I can ask the friend. I do not know if it is in stock or the exact price. Dealers are sketchy about providing prices on line. However I do have a ballpark figure which is in budget.

Elita by Elna EF72

Baby Lock Accomplish 1500 SPM straight Stitch Options include all the *must haves* including aa few extras. Must think about this one more because it is a straight stitch only. Zigzag is not included. (Do I really create that many button holes anyway?) Currently the price is under budget at $999. The workspace is smaller. It is in the IDK pile.

Baby Lock Accomplish
Baby Lock Accomplish

Baby Lock Jazz II – Sewing and Quilting Machine is also a great price at $799. Tons of features including the *must haves* . JUST LOOK at the throat space! 12 inches of uninterrupted quilting space. That is heavenly! This machine is checking off ALL the boxes, even some I didn’t think about much?

Baby Lock Jazz II
Baby Lock Jazz II

JUKI!! J-150QVP is by far a great machine. I already have a DDL8700H industrial machine. I swear by it but try as I may, it does not quilt. I sews thru layers on canvas and denim. This one is out of my price range….. I think. Estimated retail is $4999.99 However if it fits into the table I already have I could save a few bucks. Still it is way over budget.

J-150QVP Features

Juki TL 2010 Q this one has had my eye for quite some time. It is a quilting machine, no zig zagging around. It checks the *must haves* . Now I must sit and think it over.