It’s been ordered and due to arrive Thursday. Stay tuned for an unboxing….. I can’t wait to show her (or him?) off!! We will have aa naming contest too. Sewing machines always have a personality of their own. Just hope he or she is housebroken and doesn’t’ t expect too many treats. Wonder if Manny-the-machine might like a romantic moonlight stroll before I rip the packaging off and get it naked on to the table?

Tula Pink’s Daydreamer FQ’s are already eagerly awaiting Thursday.😬 can they keep a secret? Fat quarters are the last one I’d expect to not blabber to the fat eights, half yards and finally the bolts will be mad I didn’t tell them first. Can you keep a secret? I already to the entire row of interfacing, just the iron on. They sew-in’s can never, ever keep a secret. Sew, let’s see how long this secret lasts in my tiny little 15’X 8” sewing room? There are already 5 machines. Where am I going to fit one more? (Oh wait there one machine which has been really badly misbehaving…..) Another day?