Naomi Judd’s remaining memory is of her music, her daughters and her husband. It should not be of the manner of death. (Apologize in advance this is a long one. Please follow it thru? There is something written between the comma’s.)

I am placing a trigger warning due to the sensitive nature of this post. It is about suicide and self harm. Suicide, self harm are never an option. However if you are feeling this way please contact someone who can help. Talk to someone, anyone! Mental health is never something to be ashamed of. The more we talk about our feelings; good, bad and in between, the more people will join in the conversation. It helps to talk about it. If someone places you as an outcast because of mental health leave them. You deserve to surround yourself with people who will lift you higher and never bring you down. Life is a roller coaster. There are ups, downs, big hills and tiny dips which go unnoticed. Take time to enjoy your life. If you feel you need help there is a local number to call in crisis or a number to call if you need to talk. Only you can decide what point you are in; big hill (need help asap!), rounding a corner without sight of what is ahead (let’s talk it through?), or an unnoticed bump on the tracks (life can be predictable? Enjoy it! Still don’t forget everyone needs to talk about their life before it catches a snag?)

Tonight I watched a replay of Ashley describing the details still fresh in her mind. Trauma of discovery. Even after. Someone had arrived to help. If I understood, the person arrived moments too late.

DIGNITY IN DEATH is equivalent to the what is shown a person in life.

EMPATHY is also shown throughout life and death.

SEEN & HEARD IN ANGUISH is often an oxymoron. Often depression removes those who should hear AND see. Once. Alone, it is easy to fade to black.

TO BE WALKED HOME…. Despite feeling alone in depression, Naomi Judd was not alone as her soul left her body. She passed with many arms out stretched for her final journey.

My heart aches to hear her daughter describe her pain. Mothers and daughters have an integral relationship? In my own relationships there is damage and pain.

I HAVE EXPERIENCED the catastrophic level of hurt in my life. I reached for the hands before they were ready to walk me home. Someone saved me.

Accept the fragile love from those who may be mentally ill. It’s not broken love, but, it is what they are able to give from their fragile mind. When a mind is depressed it is clouded and removed from actuality. It doesn’t see what you and I see.

We see a human life capable of love. Yet, a depressed mind doesn’t realize it can give and get the love we offer. With the clouds covering all senses; sight, hearing, feeling, emotions, all of the sensory information in and out is what we can feel.

A sad mind is in the state of stormy; clouds and a driving rain storm complete with thunderclaps. It hears boom, BOOM, BOO-oooOM. It cannot see past the rain which is pouring sideways preventing the eyes to open to look. If the eyes could open the lowered, thick clouds have stolen any view. They cannot see past the depression called rain.

Feelings are trapped within the storm of depression. Sensory overload. Similar to a digital camera which has been left behind. All the photos you have saved are on your phone but you believe you will never take another photo without your camera.

A depressed mind plays tricks. Believing there is only one camera, another could never be added. The camera taking memories was happiness. The camera and your happiness have been removed. There is only doubt, anguish and overwhelming sadness.

Naomi Judd took her own life just when she was about to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. She did not understand her music was just that special. The worlds largest museum and research center dedicated to preservation and interpretation of American vernacular music. She and her music by being added to the museum are forever.

Naomi Judd couldn’t see through her own clouds. She couldn’t hear the applause. She only heard thunder. She couldn’t understand why she was selected. Although she had medical issues and pain. Perhaps her decision came from her damaged and broken body. It was a personal choice, leaving her family to place the pieces of her life together into one long sentence filled with comma’s celebrating her accomplishments, while still recognizing her pain from mental illness.

Naomi Judd took her life as someone was about to help her fragile mind. The pain, the thunder and the rain became her driving force. She extinguished her pain at a moment of overwhelming desire to end feeling her pain of her emotions.

Once a mind which has decided to suicide all pain ceases. The clouds lift and the thunder becomes quieter, though not fully.

Suicide is a false narrative. It become the one act to remember someone by. Rather than …..was honorably accepted into the Country Music Museum, Naomi Judd will be remembered by the act which ended her life. She walked home alone. He mind ended the pain only she could feel. A cruel fate for a life so famous. The world must remember her music and voice. It remains.

Her daughter Ashley shared much more she wanted because our society demands an explanation. Why do we want to hear the details? Why do we choose the gore over the intention’s of a life past. It’s like a never-ending sentence filled with comma after comma, only ending with a period❣️ (or hopefully) an exclamation mark‼️

He life and music are between the commas, now.

Naomi Judd (born Diana Ellen Judd; January 11, 1946 – April 30, 2022)was an American singer-songwriter and actress, who 1983, she and her daughter Wynonna formed the duo known as The Judds, which became a very successful country music act, winning five Grammy Awards and nine Country Music Association awards, the Judds ceased performing in 1991 after Naomi was diagnosed with hepatitis; while Wynonna continued to perform as a solo artist, she occasionally reunited with her mother for tours as The Judds, Naomi struggled with mental health issues throughout her life and died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound on April 30, 2022, the day before the duo were to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

What will be in between the comma’s of your life? Will you have longest run-on sentence, spilling every single detail important to your life, or will you have details in between the periods of punctuation? Short. Sweet. Beginning. Ending.? Shall we attempt to created a life in a sentence filled without capital letters, filled with comma’s connecting the parts of a life worth living? Try it? Your life’s sentence will be filling at minimum 3 pages full! Her is a short condensed version of my life with comma’s and no punctuation, because the human life experience only gets a period at the end of the sentence,, when life when is forever over,.

Brenda Gioia, January 10, 1960, lives her life filled with fun and laughter, her current love for fabric and quilting is second to the love of her husband of 26 years, she has a magical green thumb to grow her best vegetable garden every year, including her countless indoor plants, she never met a growing green thing who didn’t love her back, adding the multiple cats and dogs into her love, it was impossible to say now way to any stray, despite being allergic to pet dander, as the caregiver for, she once attempted suicide as a teen, taking her mothers hidden pills, yet the next day she awoke to discover it was not enough, what was more important was the fact nobody noticed the attempt, (may many, many more comma’s fill my life,)

…..edit to add when I discuss attempted suicide, it’s always in the second person narrative. It was not me who epically failed at my own attempted death. As somebody once said; “Brenda you did not fail at dying, you succeeded at living.”

yes, I could really fill in between the comma’s of my life,

WHAT will be written between the comma’s of your life? How many comma’s will you have in your life’s sentence?