6 DEGREES OF A CROC TAIL (spell intended)

I have a hell of a Croc-tail. Yeah the spelling should be tale nut IMO the spelling I used fits…. Anyway about those Crocs. They are platform which at 4’10” the inch or so help. I mean, I gave up hoping to grow taller. I’ve grown out but not up.

These are my perfect gardening clogs. I placed my pink ribbon proudly! (Thought perhaps it was for luck?) Just look at the dirt? They show a serious gardener at work! Yesterday I planted almost all of what I have, Then I remembered I had soaked the pea and bean seeds. They were sitting in a damp paper towel growing the little root systems. I decided to put them in the hanging cloth pots on the fence. It sits on a concrete wall which is a slight bit taller than a plastic milk crate. In other words,…..it’s taller than a step up but less than a step down? Give or take 18”. I used the milk crate as a mid step. I climbed up, planted the seeds. Then I climbed down. hen the croc-tail become obvious why orthopedic docs do not like crocs……. Yeah

The last step I knew immediately i landed WRONG! My entire right foot turned, The otter part was down, the inside, was facing up. You might think how the heck? My ankle twisted something fierce, but this morning, it does not hurt. What hurts is the area just below my ankle. Something popped and ripped as I landed. I can’t step on my foot without serious pain,

My sewing chair is my wheelchair, my rose colored cane purchased on a whim at Savers a few years ago, works like a charm. This is my story. I’m sticking to it. Obviously this story is to be continued. 🩼🩰🩼