Perhaps I should preface this by stating the obvious….I am a mystery shopper. At this moment I only work for 1 company doing shops at bank drive thru’s, Yesterday I was with my husband because i broke my driving foot. Usually when I do the New Hampshire shops I allow Siri to direct me. Usually she does me right. We had visited one bank in Newington and were going to Dover when Siri gave is directions to follow. Up and over a bridge we went. I kept saying this is wrong we are going north, to Maine. If I’ve never said so, I am quite dyslexic when it comes to direction. I cannot fathom north, south, east or west. It’s either up or down, this way or that way or my other left. Nobody ever allows me to be the map reader. Siri is my bestie!

“This is Maine.”
“This is the new bridge to Maine!”
Perhaps Siri was napping when she guided us to Maine? Next trip we should probably bring our passports? Canada isn’t all that far away. I can write the mileage off as a business expense. 🇨🇦