See i have spent my life surrounded by mental illness thus i don’t know how to deal anyway but to shield myself? I am dying. This i know from cancer, pulmonary disease, hyperparathyroid issues, chronic untreated pain, +++

The photo was sent to me 2 years ago. It is that of the child who was born my grandchild but do to the mental illness running rampart in my family, her mommy, My daughter in law ordered daddy (MY SON, MIKE APOSTOLOU) to cease all communications with me.

1. My mother was 100% mentally ill. I can’t state what was wrong or right. She had serious anger issues. The biggest one I recall was growing the Tinsel colored Christmas tree through the window. Followed up by demanding my brother get the serrated edge bread knife from the kitchen to kill her with. That is absolutely cray-cray? Right…? My normal was reset long ago. I thought every ones mother did this.I also though every ones brother sexually molested then too. Am I wrong on both?

2. I have 3 children, all adults. Yet non want a thing to do with me. That is hard to write. Given that my only daughter has stated so many lies, about her, the brothers, me but so far none about my husband,,,,, I find that strange, Why would she stop at he one person she knew would understand she was lying?

3. Part of the lies told by my daughter was transference of her mental illness (BPD). It was not being hers but mine. It seems a lie generates itself from being a bad seed into a darn full plant spreading seed to grow hundreds of bad seed plants. So now my neighbor working at a elder care facility met my sons wife. The wife has heard the ramblings of my daughter. Was the neighbor right to share what she hears from a visitor of her patient? She shared the info with all my neighbors on a very small street.

4. Does mental illness carry through generation after generation? Sure i have been depressed but i got my self up and accepted help of 2 different therapists. One with medication the other by talk.

5. My daughter spent enough time at my parents to experience my mothers rage. Was she taught or was it biology? Her father was a lying nut. He told me so many stories about being a Vietnam vet, owning land in Vermont and the biggest of all…he rescued people who were injured skiing. (Yes he never skied a day in his life, ever, he just lived in Vermont.I always saw him in her. Can a Personality be genetic?

6. I always thought my children were forever. Now i realize i chose the wrong one. I did not realize my boys were so destroyed by their sisters actions they left because they wanted nothing to do with her. Are they forever gone to me? My youngest said his wife wants zero to do with me. I cannot ever be the grandmother to their child. That seriously hurts. Yet my son married her because her Daddy. (Kenny Murphy) is a retired supposed washed up Soccer star turned pro. Are famous people that arrogant? I st in the same rom as he and his wife and thought they were fun and wonderful. Maybe I am a bad judge of character? Hope? No Hope they divorce (sadly…)? I can’t see him being allowed any relationship with me as long as he is married. How can a woman control her husband from his own family?

7. Has mental illness by-proxy claimed my family despite everyone surviving? maybe it skips a generation or 3 but really? Do they actually know….. why are more than average low income persons diagnosed with long term mental illnesses placing them into the “system”????

I know so many questions….. take one to bring into your own life? learn from this loss.