Original post of Watts House Photos

Yesterday it was marked as unavailable. The original listing stated accepting bids. Any bid was to be accompanied by a banking proof of loan or cash. My guess is as good as the next as to guessing the answers to the questions… 1. Was it sold? 2. If yes, Who purchased the house? 3. What was the final price? 4. If this was a flip house I wounded if changing the outside paint colors will drastically change the appearance enough to make the gawking drive-boys stop? 5. Will the new owner start a you tube channel to share the home?

Zillow today screenshot.
Rockethomes.com was the realty behind the sale.
Also part of Rockethomes listing.
Final screenshot from Rocket Homes.

I’ll keep you updated when I find more info. If sold closing could take 6 weeks; more or less. My thought are with the Ruzeck family.