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From WMUR news

The stepmother of missing 7-year-old Harmony Montgomery was released from jail again Monday on new felony charges.

Kayla Montgomery was arrested friday at the Manchester Police Department on perjury charges.

As she left the jail Monday afternoon, Kayla Montgomery did not respond to any questions.

Sources told News 9 Investigates that Kayla Montgomery has been upholding her bail conditions, checking in daily at the police department, working and even going to church, and her attorney called his client “fairly upbeat.”

“We’ll have to see whether or not the evidence bears out those allegations, but right now, she’s entered a plea of not guilty and she stands by that plea,” said defense attorney Paul Garrity.

Kayla Montgomery waived her arraignment Monday morning and negotiated bail on the latest perjury charges outside the courtroom.

“One of the conditions is do not commit a new crime, and the allegation is she committed a new crime in front of the grand jury,” Garrity said.

According to the court complaints, Kayla Montgomery allegedly lied twice when she testified to a grand jury in May about when and where she was at work during the window of time that Harmony Montgomery was last seen and accounted for. 

Police reports from that time said Kayla Montgomery told them she last saw Harmony while she was getting ready for work sometime after Thanksgiving 2019 and that her husband, Adam Montgomery, told her he was taking Harmony to Massachusetts. 

Kayla Montgomery has reportedly claimed she has not seen the girl since that time.

“She seems to be fine,” Garrity said. “I just spoke to her this morning. She seems fairly upbeat and ready to go forward with the case and get back out on bail.”

Legal expert Patricia LaFrance told News 9 that perjury is a Class B Felony and carries a maximum prison sentence of 3.5 to 7 years.

“I think the hardest element is proving that they knew that what they were saying was a lie,” LaFrance said. “So, in that situation you would presumably be looking for statements maybe she made to a third-party indicating that she lied.”

The bail order also mandates that Kayla Montgomery have no contact with Adam Montgomery. He remains incarcerated at the Valley Street Jail on weapons charges.

Investigators said he had sole legal custody of Harmony when she vanished. 

Anyone with information about Harmony Montgomery’s disappearance can call or text a 24-hour tip line at 603-203-6060.