After over 20 years of searching for a reason other than “unspecified” rheumatoid- like arthritis I finally hit the actual lottery with the name ‘lupus’. I’ve known for a very long time i had lupus. The doctors (many, many) of them have just sent me on the way.

Most recently i am ashamed to admit my BPD daughter has been the poster child of illness fakers on Reddit. All “fakers copy each others faked illness. Each have the same faked diagnosis; Ehler Danlos. Right out in front of the pack of mostly young (18-25) people is my own personal faker. I didn’t seek a diagnosis for 10 years because she made the entire medical system suspect. Did the physicians seen consider my real complaints as contrived suspicious drug seeking behavior?

Then the pandemic happened.

I was diagnosed this year. I turned 62 this year. There isn’t any real treatment for a 62 year old. Lupus will kill me sooner than planned.

Has the butterfly failed to launch?