UPDATE- I’ll add my email again just in case you’re looking. To request a mask for yourself or family members email me Hippybabe.web@gmail.com if you’d like to donate to help me buy new supplies to keep making this mask there is a box at the bottom of this post.

Hey folks if you’re waiting for a mask I really apologize for the delay. I ordered 18 yards elastic from the seller in Chicago. It was supposed to be shipped over the weekend however it wasn’t shipped until Tuesday. I’m slightly upset over that because it has set back my plans just start giving out mask as quickly as I can. I have a mask already shown that are just waiting for that elastic. USPS shows the tracking will deliver tomorrow.

I want to thank everyone who has sent a donation. Wink wink you’ll probably jump ahead of the line but remember If you can’t donate I understand.

We are all in this together. Be kind to yourself! I have found taking a few minutes several times a day practicing mindfulness and breathing exercises has help me with stress and anxiety. I’ve been using mindfulness for over a year. It’s a wonderful pick me up even if you’ve only got a few seconds.

This is a very hard time for a lot of people both emotionally and financially. I hope at the end of this dark tunnel the light shining and will be freedom of the coronavirus. My prayers are they will be financial help for all of us.

I’ll be sewing all day into tonight. I’ve got a great helper! My husband is cutting all the masks 😷out. I’m not answering any emails at this point I just don’t have time. So don’t send a new one please! I’m making a list based on when I got the message and how many you want and I’m be notifying as I go down the list in order of receipt. I hope to be giving the mask out by the end of this week and through next week.

Thank you. Remember kindness is your friend.


The fact is Facebook will not allow an ad in the marketplace to give away mask or even to sell mask. Even now after the CDC has recommended that everyone wear a cloth facemask. Why FB has banned my mask give away. IDK….

I’m trying to spread word around Facebook that I am giving them away in Haverhill, MA.

A small donation is nice but if you can’t afford it you’ll still get a mask. Money is tight for everyone now!

I’m only giving one per person or child right now. Eventually i hope to have more to give but just one per person right now.

Contact me only one with how many mask your family needs. If for kids- ages. Sizes really matter for smaller ones. I will try to fill all orders. If you have any elastic to supply I will eternally be grateful!

Here is the email to sent your request. Remember. Only send 1 email. Include your phone number. When your masks are ready you will be notified with a time and address for pickup. Hippybabe.web@gmail.com .

Remember we are all in this together so be kind and help each other. This may be your only chance.